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Party Food Bar Ideas

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As two friends and I were planning a surprise party for another friend, I went on the search for some amazingly creative and cute party ideas. That’s when I discovered the beauty of food bars…and while they may not be creative as in you make some super complicated dish or dessert, they let each person be creative for themselves, which works really well when some of your guests (cough me cough) have food intolerances! And if enough healthy options are available (which all of them besides the dessert bars have that potential), it really makes for a win-win/no-lose situation, where dieters can be dieters and food intolerance and allergy babies can eat their whole foods peacefully.

I guess I’ll start off healthy with this Veggie Bar.

This next one is probably my favorite…a FroYo Bar! And I’d like to think this healthy one is an appetizer, not a dessert, though it could be either!

This bar is perfect for any boy (in fact, this whole website is perfect for boyscout boys), but you could definitely make it feminine if needed 🙂 This is the Trail Mix Bar.

Ok, so potatoes are sort of my vice, next to frozen yogurt. But it can be done healthily this way! I give you, the Spuds Bar.

I personally would have a gluten-free pasta and then two regular pastas (angel hair, fettuccine, spaghetti, tortellini, or whatever)  for this wonderful Pasta Bar with any fixings your heart may desire!

Now we get to desserts, which aren’t so healthy. Like this Float and Sundae Bar

…or this Candy Bar (haha, get it?)…

…or this S’mores Bar

But really, nothing is cuter than the Candy Bar. Except babies. And maybe puppies and kitties. But seriously.

(Disclaimer: I got most of these ideas from this creative woman’s blog…major props to her research and ideas! And every idea is referenced, if not in her blog in mine, as you can see. Please check all of their other amazing ideas as well!)